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Loyalty Program

1 When can loyalty points be redeemed?

For every 200 Points earned you will be eligible to redeem a $10 credit to use on the next order placed at or by phone 1-800-MESORAH. Loyalty points can only be redeemed once the order which accumulated the 200 points has already posted. Loyalty…

2 When did the loyalty program begin?

The loyalty program launched on September 1, 2015, on that date all ArtScroll Publications Retail accounts received a 25 point bonus. Loyalty Points were not applied to any orders purchased before September 1, 2015.

3 Where can I find the amount of points there are in my account?

You can click here to log into your account and view your point information. It will provide you with your current point value, the amount of dollars that can be redeemed and how many more points are needed in order to receive the next $10.00 credit reward.…

4 Which customers are a part of the loyalty program?

All retail customers are set up to receive loyalty points as orders are being placed. Trade or wholesale customers with special discounts are not a part of the loyalty program.

5 Will the loyalty points be redeemed automatically on the following order once there are 200 points?

The loyalty reward points' $10 credit will not be applied automatically to the following order even if there are 200 or more points on the account. If the orders is being placed over the phone, the sales rep can apply the $10.00 credit if the customer requests…

6 How does the loyalty program work? Featured

You will earn 1 point for every dollar you spend on net purchases- which are merchandise purchased minus returns and adjustments at or by phone at 800-MESORAH. For every 200 points you earn, you are eligible to receive a $10 reward coupon…