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Returns on Special Judaica Items

Kosher Innovations’ Items such as the Kosher Lamp and Hot Plate:

  • If the bulb or legs are broken or damaged, contact us and we will send replacements.
  • If the item is broken, scratched badly, or not working, contact us and we will send a replacement.

Tzitzit or Tallis orders

  • If the items are damaged (e.g., strings missing), contact us and we will send you a return call tag; we will pay the shipping and send you a replacement.
  • If you ordered the wrong size, you are responsible for the return shipping charge; however, when we send you the correct size, we will pay for shipping.


  • We do not accept returns on opened software.
  •  Please contact our customer service department in order to be connected to the technical support team; if the software you purchased is not working properly.