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Redeeming a List Price Gift Certificate

  • List Price Gift Certificates can┬ábe redeemed only directly from ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications; Judaica Stores┬ádo not accept ArtScroll List Price Gift Certificates.
  • List Price Gift Certificates are┬ávalid only to┬ápurchase ArtScroll books. No other items distributed by Mesorah Publications can be redeemed with List Price Gift Certificates; e.g., the Kosher Lamp.
  • Books are redeemable at LIST PRICE only. List Price Gift Certificates may not be combined with any other special offer. No discounts will be┬áapplied to this order; the person or organization that purchased this Gift Certificate has┬áalready received the discount.
  • Shipping charges in the USA are $3.50 for each $50.00 of books ordered. For example, a $150.00 book order will cost $10.50 to ship. Please call for International costs;┬ácost will┬ávary depending on order's destination.
  • List Price Gift certificates can not be redeemed through our website; they┬ácan be┬áredeemed over the phone or┬ávia mail. You┬ámust have the certificate serial number in order to redeem it!
  • If you mail us the certificate, please be sure to include a list of which books you wish to purchase; mail to:

Gift Certificate Department

Mesorah Publications

313 Regina Avenue

Rahway, NJ 07065.

  • All orders shipped to a New York State address are subject to the appropriate sales tax. New York State requires that sales tax be charged on shipping as well.
  • List Price Gift Certificates may not be used to┬ápurchase Gift Certificates.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen Gift Certificates.
  • The entire value of the List Price Gift Certificate must be redeemed on one order.
  • Call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-MESORAH (637-6724) during regular business hours to redeem your Gift Certificate or with any further questions.